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PowerEase™ 300W Power Supply (115 VAC) - PS0300
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The PowerEase® 300W Power Supply is a fully programmable power supply designed for high-throughput gel electrophoresis. The straight-forward, intuitive interface makes the powering of gel runs a simple and easy process.
Note: this 115 VAC version is for use in North America and Japan. For a 230 VAC version, please see Cat. No. PS0301.

In addition, the PowerEase® 300W Power Supply features:

• Constant voltage, current, or power settings

• Built-in timer for walk-away gel electrophoresis

• Up to 10 custom programs with 10 steps each

• Four sets of output jacks that are compatible with most electrophoresis devices

Easy to Use
With the PowerEase® 300W Power Supply, simply set a constant voltage, current, or power to begin a run. This power supply easily accommodates the running and transferring of 8 mini-gels, such as Bolt® Bis-Tris Plus gels, or 16 midi-gels using the XCell4 SureLock™ Midi-Cell.

Programming Capabilities
The PowerEase® 300W Power Supply accommodates up to 10 user-defined programs for your most common electrophoresis runs. Each program can include up to 10 steps, for precise control over the electrophoresis conditions.

For Use With (Equipment): Novex® Semi-Dry Blotter, XCell SureLock® Mini, XCell4 SureLock™ Midi, XCell6™ MultiGel, XCell II Blot Module
Product Line: PowerEase®

Contents & storage
The PowerEase® 300W Power Supply includes the power supply and a quick reference card.
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